Home Foreclosure

Stop Foreclosure with these Steps

Here are Three Stop Home Foreclosure Options:

There are several options a home owner may take to stop foreclosure.  Below we list three stop foreclosure options that may help you if you are currently facing foreclosure. 

Choosing which option will work for you, depends on your current situation:

– Special Forbearance
– Mortgage Loan Modification Option
– Particial Claim

Special Forebearance Option to Stop Foreclosure:

The Special Forebearance Option is where your mortgage lender could arrange a new repayment plan based on your current financial status.

Your lender could also offer a reduction of your monthly mortgage payment, or allow you to not have to pay your mortgage for a few months (yet adding this time to the length of your mortgage term).

Usual Qualifications Required For Special Forebearance:?

Qualification for Special Forebearance to stop home foreclosure, usually requires that you have recently experienced a sudden reduction or loss of income (an injury, loss of job); or an unusual increase in living expenses.

Your lender will usually require you to provide proof to show your income hardship situation, or you may also be required to write a Hardship Letter to stop Foreclosure.

Your mortgage lender could also request you provide proof that can now make the new mortgage payment amount, if a new payment plan is setup.

Mortgage Loan Modification Option to Stop Foreclosure:

With a mortgage loan modification option you may be able to refinance your current mortgage at a lower rate and / or add years onto your mortgage loan term. Using the mortgage loan modification to stop foreclosure may be able to lower your mortgage payment where it is more affordable for you.

Usual Requirements for Qualification for Mortgage Loan Modification:?

A mortgage loan modification may be a choice for you if you have just recovered from an unusual income hardship. Qualifying for a mortgage loan modification depends on your new financial status, and whether you could afford the new mortgage loan payments.

Partial Claim Option to Stop Foreclosure:

With a partial claim option to stop foreclosure, your lender could apply for a payment from the FHA Insurance fund, US Department of Housing and Urban Development – HUD on your behalf. This payment amount would be the total amount of money required to bring your mortgage payments up to date.

Partial Claim Qualifications Require:?

If your mortgage payments are at least 4 months past due, but not more than 12 months past due, you may qualify for a partial claim. Documented proof would also be required that shows you will be able to make you loan payments now.

In addition, with the partial claim to stop foreclosure, you would also have to sign a promissory note for the amount that will bring your mortgage payments up to date. And, a property lien will be added to your property, until the promissory note is paid. The HUD provided promissory note is interest free. It must also be paid when you pay off the mortgage and/or sell your property.

The above three options are an example of what may be available for you to stop home foreclosure.